In the end, what would you like your page in the history books to say? Choose wisely before it’s too late.

Posted: April 18, 2015 in Uncategorized

Safe Streets Selfie

Regardless of our individual religious or political beliefs, I believe that all good people in this world should share one basic overall intention… On the day when our time is done on this planet, can we honestly look back at our individual lives and say that we left the world a little bit nicer than we found it? Were the majority of the choices we made solely for the benefit of ourselves, or did we honestly choose what was best for our society in the long term? Did we use our unique talents to enrich our community, or did we lock them away from others on a quest for selfish greed?

It truly does take a village. All of the truly amazing examples of things we have built as a society through history have required a united spirit. I believe that it is our duty to encourage and support others who find this type of philosophy to be true. Each of us supporting each other selflessly.

Let us not be the kind of society that rewards the kind of people who don’t understand this concept. Always strive to let our caring and nurturing sides dominate our spirits. Allow those positive spirits to infect others, even if it means that we take the risk of being let down by them in the process. Let us unite and encourage the caring kind of society we know we can and should be. Let us build each other up collectively, instead of clawing our way to the highest point, by ourselves, so we can yank the ladder up behind us and laugh at the suffering of others we robbed of the same opportunities that built us up.

Don’t reward the greedy by striving to be like them, strive to show them the virtues of a better kind of bandwagon and give them a chance to jump on board.

A healthy society relies on the choices of its individual citizens.

So ask yourself this question honestly: At the end of your last day in existence, as you review your experiences, do you care if you left the place one tiny bit better than you found it? Or was your entire existence a statistical waste of time and space?

We have a responsibility to shape our own character and it’s only too late to turn the wheel when the time on our clock runs out.

What kind of person do you want to be in the history books? It’s up to you each day you wake up. Choose wisely before it’s too late.

  1. Max Wilson says:

    Chris, thank you so much for this message which needs to be repeated each and every day of our lives to help make our communities, state and nation better places to live. You so right, a healthy society relies on the choices of its individual citizens! Bravo, dear friend.


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