VIDEO: The legal wedding of two wonderful women in Kansas. Congratulations to Karen Hastings & Ute Mueller!

Posted: February 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

On a beautiful day in the capital city of Kansas, Karen Hastings and Ute Mueller were legally married before the Honorable Judge Nancy Parrish. Their committed love of 25 years was finally recognized by the great state of Kansas. On the very same day, Governor Sam Brownback was across the street making regressive changes to the state’s non-discrimination policy by removing employment protections for LGBT state workers.

Karen dedicated her life to bringing smiles to thousands of people as an entertainer. Ute served in our nation’s military. With the challenges they have faced in life, neither one of them thought they would ever see the day when the country they have honored and respected all of their lives would acknowledge their love. Let this be a reminder, despite the misguided actions of certain leaders, anything is possible in the United States of America when we stand together for each other.

Congratulations to Karen Hastings and Ute Mueller… Two of the most loving, giving and inspirational people that have ever graced the sunflower state!

Thank you to Michelle Bryan for providing these heartwarming images of the happy couple tying the knot.

Newlyweds Karen Hastings & Ute Mueller

Newlyweds Karen Hastings & Ute Mueller

  1. Kirsten Goodman says:

    How I do love these two women:)


  2. Randy Schmidt says:

    Congratulations, Karen and Ute!


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