Broken & Thankful… Meet the Gays.

Posted: February 24, 2015 in Blog Post

It seems like a good day to count my blessings that I’ve always had a loving and accepting family. No matter what the circumstances, I always knew we would be there for each other. We continue to be today.

It hurts my heart and even makes me feel broken when I think about my peers who live an “alternative” lifestyle. We grew up knowing what we felt in our hearts, around so many ignorant people who tried to tell us how we should feel and love. We were “wrong” because they never took the time to try and understand us.

So many of us are broken for having to live in a world that so readily harmed us physically… Not to mention all of the emotional scars and name calling. Being mocked… We had to hold our tongues when our close friends picked on others like us, because they weren’t as good at hiding their secret. It’s petrifying.

I’m thankful that attitudes tend to be evolving. I’m thankful that the world is becoming a better place. I’m thankful to the ones who didn’t commit suicide… And my heart will always be broken for the ones who did. Most of us will tell you that it could have been any one of us at some point in our lives.

So many of us live in a lonely world because of the way we were treated and continue to be treated today. Many of us have problems building stable relationships because of our trust issues. And yet, the same people who inflicted the pain are the ones afraid that we are going to destroy their marriages… The ones who tell us we don’t deserve what they have. They assume that all of us are dirty and promiscuous. So many of us reinforce that stereotype because we’ve never been given a chance at anything else.

It’s time for everyone to stand up together, learn, and accept responsibility for this sad piece of American history. We must write a better tomorrow and we must do that together.

So many of us are broken but we are not going to be quiet anymore. It’s never too late to evolve your opinions and begin to feel some compassion. If you still decide you have a problem with us, then you might start keeping your mouth shut. There are plenty of vacant and tastefully decorated closets available for rent. Fair warning though, it gets really lonely.

The only people who should be hiding in closets are cheaters, criminals, and bigots.

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